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China Trading Group

Supply Chain


Supply Chain



CTG can provide your business with a complete point of origin to point of consumption supply chain management solution. With a broad range of raw material suppliers, manufacturer and logistics partnerships CTG is well placed to offer planning and experience to your project.

With our own dedicated warehousing we are able to offer all warehouse functions around inbound processing, storage and operations, and outbound processing – including goods receipt and optimization, inbound quality management, yard management, physical inventory, replenishment and rearrangement, kit-to-stock management, outbound planning, picking optimization, packing, staging and load management.

CTG’s constant is to develop new partnerships throughout the globe, through successful SCM projects. To achieve this we continue to provide relevant consultation and immediate support whilst working with our clients to fine tune all management processes and procedures to achieve maximum results.

CTG offers an integrated approach to Supply Chain Management, including…

  • Sales and Operations Planning
  • Replenishment Planning
  • Distribution and Inventory
  • Demand Planning
  • Collaboration
  • Manufacturing and Capacity Planning