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China Trading Group

Quality Control


Quality Control

CTG’s excellent team of QC professionals has over 20 years of China experience in key standards and certifications and no matter how large, can safeguard your production.

We can be present on the factory floor during any stage of production (dependant on requirements) and our QC checks & procedures ensure the delivery schedule & safe clearance of your product.

CTG employs a range of developed project control plans & check lists; we can also work with the client’s development team to create a customized solution.

In conjunction with the project management team our engineers ensure that all production processes run at optimum and that control testing is applied appropriately by the factory and to the exact standards as the approved pre-production sample.

CTG provides the following Quality Control operations for its clients:


Supplier Verification Investigation Laboratory Testing (GC etc)
Factory Audit Pharmaceutical production expertise
Quality Control Execution Industrial Performance production
QA and Risk Management Lean and six sigma expertise
Production Management White Room Expertise
Defect sorting Transition Management
Container loading supervision