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China Trading Group

Product Sourcing


Product Sourcing


China Trading Group’s provides service to medium /large company organisations that require product sourcing from China. CTG has a client base throughout the English, French and Spanish speaking world.

CTG has significant experience in many general areas of sourcing materials and products as well as more particular/ specific areas. We also provide factory sourcing and sourcing opportunity reports which locate & document Chinese companies that fit within our client’s product space.

We have an established network of relationships & partnerships with many factories and supplier all of whom work within the various certification standards required by Europe and North America.

In addition to this our QC division will regularly visit our preferred/ new suppliers to check on their standards and overall general well being to do business with our clients.

CTG have significant experience in the following (not limited to):

-        Printing & Packaging -          Clothing
-        Industrial Equipment -          Merchandising
-        Pharmaceuticals -          Wood Material
-        Plastics & Plastic Packaging -          Metal & Metal Precision
-        Cosmetics -          Homeware items
-        General Hardware -          Lighting (LED/ Solar etc)
-        Mould Development -          OEM