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China Trading Group

Made in China – An Overview

What goods are made in China?

In 2014, 23% of all goods in the United States were made in China. It is very likely that you own something that was made in China. In fact a large variety of products are still manufactured in China, such as the following sectors:

  • Agriculture/Food
  • Toys/Merchandise
  • Textiles/Clothes/Outdoor Equipment
  • Machinery/Industrial
  • Furniture
  • Electronics/Lights

Development in China is at a fast pac, local factories have adapted to the modern demands and are quick to add new product concepts to their production line, which keeps them globally competitive. At CTG, we’ve not only witnessed the growth of Chinese manufacturers over the last 10 years, but also have a range of qualified suppliers that are able to offer you the exact product you need.

If you’ve read news about China’s recent economic development, then you’ve seen that the country is constantly redefining itself. Labour and material costs increase year by year, forcing suppliers to optimize their production to save costs, as with most factories. At CTG you can rest assured that best prices are found from best possible suppliers.

What is “Made in China 2025”?

The government is currently implementing the new key strategy for manufacturing; “Made in China 2025”. The goal is to shift the Chinese manufacturing sector from an export focused industry to a domestically focused high-end industry (high end such as pharmaceutical goods). It has the following three stages:

  • Stage 1: 2016 to 2018 The focus lies on creating a foundation for quality & brand building; technological breakthroughs
  • Stage 2: 2019 to 2021 Increase market share of domestic brands
  • Stage 3: 2021 to 2025 China should become a world manufacturing power with internationally recognized brands and quality

At CTG we offer to guide you through all possible events related to sourcing goods from China and we stay alert to meet your production standards & requirements.